We care about your health

Being a unique blend of a hotel and a health and rehabilitation center, the Institute Igalo, approaches each guest with an individually tailored medical program.



List of the therapies offered by the Institute "Dr Simo Milošević" JSC

  • Hydro-treatments

    Underwater douche-massage (15 min) – body massage using water jets under pressure, in a bath filled with mineral water „Igaljka“ bath heated at the temperature 36 - 38 0C. The effect of the underwater douche-massage is similar to the one achieved by manual massage.

    Pearl bath – warm mineral bath with air bubbles wrapping the body like a string of pearls, performing micromassage. The water temperature is 36 – 37 0C.

    Salty bath – mineral bath with sea salt added.

    CO2 bath – in which the vapor is saturated with CO2 ((carbondioxid) – provoking a strong skin vasodilatation. It is being used in detoxication and in treatment of vascular disorders.

    roma therapy (20 min) – applying the essential oils made from locally grown medical herbs, in warm pearl bath, stimulates circulation and remove tension.

  • Thalassotherapy

    Treatment with natural factors characteristic for the sea and seashore. These factors are marine (Mediterranean) climate, sea water, sun radiation, aerosol, sea peloids, sand and seaweeds. They have beneficial effect in many conditions and diseases (respiratory, rheumatic, skin).

  • Hydrokinesy therapy

    Therapy activities like excercises, swimming and walking, which are performed in swimming pools with heated mineral water, at the temperature of 33 - 34 0C. Treatments may be individual (10+10 min) or group ones (30 min).

  • Manual massage

    is one of the oldest treatment forms, and may be partial or general. Such massage leads to improvement of lymph and venous blood flow, increase in blood circulation, acceleration of local metabolism and elimination of metabolic decay, improved nourishment of tissue, and releaves pain and muscle spasm.

    Manual lymphatic drainage is applied in an excessive intracellular accumulation of fluids in form of edema.

    Reflexive foot massage

    Ayurveda Massage

  • Kinesytherapy (30 min)

    Therapy treatments performed in well equipped gyms and conducted by highly professional therapeutic staff. Treatments may be individual or group ones.

    Tai Chi – an old Chinese technique, which is described as „meditation in motion“. It consists of light physical exercises and stretching techniques, which application results in improvement in different chronic diseases and stress reduction.

  • Electrotherapy (15 min)

    Using various types of electric current – energy obtained by means of electromedical appliances.

  • Sono therapy (15 min)

    Application of ultrasound in different deseases.

  • Magnetotherapy (15-30 min)

    Application of low-frequency magnetic field.

  • Laserotherapy (15-30 min)

    Application of laser rays in treatment.